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Bob is a retired education administrator who was an academic administrator for a local university for 28 years and spent almost 10 years as an administrator/manager at an educational association in Brookfield. He and his wife now run a small consulting business called DeRoche Consulting LLC.

Greendale Primary Elections

Primary elections

It is time for a change on the Greendale Village Board of Trustees. In the primary election next week there will be two incumbents and five challengers running for two seats on the Board. It is good to see five challengers. In the recent past, we have seen only one or no challengers. That is not the way to run a democracy. At this point, change would be good for the Board. The two incumbents have given their time and talent to the Board, one for a very long time, and the community appreciates their service. However, it is time for new ideas and a new vision. We can no longer have Trustees who just sit at meetings and vote "yes" or "no" with no questions and no discussion. Nor can we have Trustees who vote "no" to spending money on anything, just so they can say they did. Good services provided to residents cost money. There is no way around that. We can no longer have new ideas and vision come only from the Village President. Yes, the Village President position is important for its leadership role, but it doesn't have to be the only leadership position. Let's thank the incumbents for their service and then vote to put two new people on the Board; to do that you will have to vote for four new people. Please don't forget to vote on February 18 - it's important.

Greendale's Original Fire and Police Station

Original F&PS

The Greendale Village Board will soon consider five proposals for the 

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Greendale Spring Elections

2013 elections

Some time ago I expressed my concern here about incumbents running for local elections with no opposition.   It just didn’t seem right to me that in a democracy no one except the incumbent would step up and run for election so people could a choice, in other words, a real election.  So I was elated to learn that in the up-coming Greendale elections voters will have some choices. 

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Greendale Historic District

Ad Hoc Committee

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New Village Center Restaurant


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